Sunday, 26 February 2012

Curved. Again, just in time...

A lovely walk along those hidden pieces of nature, which are secretly
slipped into the busy industrial sprawl of this old side of town.


So of course, I only take pictures of various metal objects!
What can I say? Some days I just can't stand snapping nature.
It just doesn't behave.

And oh yes, of course, I almost forgot:
These are images for the theme Curved (see below).

And finally, the closest recreation to one of my first shots with my current camera ever (lost the original somehow) - just because that brilliant duo are playing on my mind at the moment, after discussions of Calvinball.

Thanks of course to Carmi and his
Photography of a Thematic nature,
which is also somewhat Curved these days.

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  1. Thatlast shot makes you feel as if it's you that's going down the hill.