Friday, 23 March 2012

Lights On.

There is nothing particularly fancy about the layout, or the style of my entries.
This is a place for me to store my photos, and as it happens I really like sharing them
with this community.

This shots come from;
Rochdale Canal,
Nexus Art cafĂ©,
My lamp,
And more Rochdale Canal!

Thanks of course, as always go to Carmi and his Thematic Photographic project, which this week is themed Lights On.


  1. Like those! But then I like canals too! And I especially love the last pic. Great shot!

  2. Rochdal Canal - both look good. Is that Rochdale UK?

  3. These are sublimely beautiful. The light under the bridge is particularly almost seems to be coming from the beyond.

    Call me wowed. And please accept my thanks, as well: it's series like these that make me glad I keep Thematic going.

  4. Gilly - I find canals hold a certain respite from the city through which they flow, suddenly you're in another world, brilliant! and thanks!

    Bob - Yes, that is Rochdale Canal UK, not the bit in Rochdale though! Thank you :)

    Carmi - This was such a great way to wake up! A buzz from my phone to see this, thank you Carmi for your kind words.