Thursday, 13 December 2012


Shadows can be a product of, or a side affect of shot already framed

Or they can act as binders for the composition, become an essential part of the shot, giving it it's power and focus.

Still again, it can draw attention to and add gravity a moment in time, rather than space. Whether it be a view of someone you love, reminding you of their importance in your life:

or the view of two strangers, in a beautiful art cafe

Or sometimes, it's the best way to see a silly crisp bag creation, made by a group of slightly less than sober friends after a fun night of computer games and cartoons.

Whatever the affect, I've got admit...a good choice of remit from Carmi, and I'm pleased I participated in this, it's been too long!

For more shadows, head over to Carmi's blog, Written Inc, for his Themtic Photographic post on Shadows


  1. Great shadows, I really like the door and the "Simple" sign.

  2. The KISS principle works well here.A fine collection of effects.

  3. Really interesting shots. I love the door too, and the triangle of light on the wall.

  4. Those are superb shadows - I especially like the Simple sign and the triangular slash of sunlight.

  5. Many thanks all! It's always good to hear encouragement, especially with shots you're pleased with.